My Kid In Kindergarten, Will I Survive?

My kid starts Kindergarten Monday. Which is crazy late compared to the rest of the country. And while all the parents around me have already sent their kid off, shed their tears, had their moments and breakdowns, I’ve just been chilling. I mean, I know it’s coming, but he only has two real summer days left and tonight… I realized I am just totally not prepared for this.

Or am I? For the past 5 years, I have helped to mold my child in to the little human he is. He is the most caring, and sensitive little thing I know. But aside from a million other things, is he going to let the school world harden him in to a little turd? Sure he’s been in daycare, preschool… he’s been around other kids, but this is the real deal. This is the real deal folks. His life literally begins now. Will I survive?

Two weekdays. Two weekend days is all he has left of his little person life. He is a big boy now, and I just don’t know if I’ll survive. Yall, he weighed 3 lbs when he was born and now he is going to school? Who’s going to help him open his Capri Sun at lunch? We all know those things are the devil to open. What if he needs help and wants his momma and I am not there. This is the real deal, this is life. His life.. and I’m not sure I’ll survive.

Where has the past 5 years gone? They say they grow up fast and they don’t lie. I sit here sad thinking some of those littles moments are fading from my memory. But come Monday, I’ll make room for a new memory, one that will likely send me over the edge. That tiny little big man walking in the elementary school I once walked as a student. And while I wanted nothing more than to leave this sleepy little town there is something beautiful knowing your child will walk the same halls you once walked. But will I survive?

Will I survive knowing he’s moving in to the next step in life? Knowing someone else will be teaching him the things I cannot. Will I survive another woman walking in to his life and providing a place for him to continue to grow and helping to mold him in to the person he is going to be? Two weekdays, Two weekend days. It’s all I have left.

I’ve never been one to conform to anything or get involved to fit in. But will I join the PTO? Will I survive the PTO? Has anyone has ever gotten kicked out of the PTO there is a good chance it could be me. Yall, I do not do well with people sometimes. Not people who think they rule life and judge others by the clothing on their backs or the makeup on their face. I will put someone in there place real fast with my Walmart muffin top panties. I am not afraid, But will I really survive the PTO? I mean that is a lot of commitment. I don’t know how many meetings they have a month, but one is enough. But this momma bear is going to have to make sure she knows what is going on with her kid. Maybe I’ll join…maybe not, maybe I’ll see what it is about and maybe I’ll survive.

Will I survive when I walk him in to that class and he doesn’t even blink when I walk away? When he turns around and says, “momma I’ll be ok.” What if someone is mean to him? What if he is the one being mean to someone and I can’t be there to calm his little turd attitude down? I do NOT want to have that kid. Will I survive the letters from the teacher? Will I get too defensive when I don’t agree with what they have to say? Will I learn how to count to 10 before I open my mouth and speak.

Will I survive schedule? I’m not good at schedule. We have to be to school at a real time. There is no flex to that time. I’m going to have to get myself together, just to get him to school. We’ll be on time… we can do it. I think we’ll survive.

I’m slightly worried I am going to go crazy with all this structure, we fly by the seat of our pants in Cooke house, and now that is all about to change. Did I mention I don’t do well with a lot of people? I’m probably going to have to make some new mom friends and that scares me a little. Mom styles are all so different. Maybe I’ll make a criteria list for new potential mom friends. Am I seriously going to survive this?

Homework… don’t get me started. I NEVER did my homework. Like hardly ever. I still managed to do pretty good in school, but I hated it. How the heck am I going to survive his homework. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have one of those teachers that doesn’t really believe in it? Maybe? Realistically, I probably will not survive homework.

Two weekdays, two weekend days is all I have left. All I have left with my little big man before he goes out there and makes a name for himself. I’m worried. He’s not a rule follower, he is a rule breaker. We’ll survive. We’ll survive the corner, we’ll survive time outs, we’ll survive lunch lines and schedule. We’ll survive homework and I think we might even survive the PTO. I want nothing more than for him to take the path less traveled, but if he decides to follow in line I’ll survive. My kid starts Kindergarten Monday… I’ll let you know, If I survive.


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